Test Tube Baby at Shinde Hospital, Ahmednagar
Matrutwa Test Tube Baby Centre, Ahmednagar

Through the recent technological developments in the medical sciences as well as owing to the ongoing researches, doctors of this age are well equipped to fight with infertility. Our centre assures you that you will be given the best possible treatment for your problems after an extensive diagnosis.

The infertility specialists at Daule Hospital & Matrutwa Test Tube Baby Centre, after the investigation of your problems and history are complete, start with discussing the treatment options available to you as per your specific conditions. Your treatment options largely depend on the causes of infertility.
Cause of the problem may be in Male or Female or in both, or if there are no evident causes and thus remains unexplained.

In order to pave way for the most feasible treatment, our doctors begin with medications and hormone injections, if applicable to you. If the treatment fails, then the doors of technology are knocked to seek help in assisted reproductive technology. The methods include the IUF, IVF, ICSI and Surrogacy among many others and our clinic is one of the best IVF Fertility treatment centre in India.

Climbing the steps to success in having your child is easy if you plan the treatment with our expert doctors and follow it with dedication. Our doctors will guide you through the plan and help you take necessary decisions wherever required. Expenditure in our clinic is less than any other IVF centre.